Terms and conditions

PAYMENT POLICY                                                                                                                                                                                     Update: April 2023

• For laboratory production products us (Anemoesa, Mr Barba, Canabees, Mistic) or for resale products the  Raw materials or for consulting services the payment method is by depositing in advance to the company's bank account and sending the receipt by e-mail to sales@anemoesa.com, as long as the product or service is available and can be offered by the company. The answer of the availability and the possibility of offering and shipping, as well as the shipping time will be notified to you in writing to the email you have registered on our website. Respectively ONLY then you can deposit the agreed amount, if and when it is agreed.

Possibility of canceling the order it only exists if you haven't deposited the money into the account.

Piraeus: GR6001715590006559145250322

National: GR6801102190000021900487394

Beneficiary name: Kehagia Panagiota


Cosmetics, primary cosmetic ingredients & consulting services:

• For cosmetic products retail total value €1 and above, shipping is free throughout Greece (cash on delivery is supported but at a cost of €2.70).

• For products wholesale more than 20 pcs./product there is a possibility of a discount.

• For products wholesale worth from €1000, there is correspondingly the possibility of free stand distribution, display window printing and many more options for promoting the products.

• For cosmetic products wholesale total value 500 € and above, shipping is free throughout Greece (cash on delivery not supported).

• For First materials, over 10, 25 and 100 kg additional discount as the case may be.

• For services private label a discount is possible for more than 4 products of the same category (e.g. 4 creams, 4 serums, 4 soaps), after the 1st "envelope" of circulation. Minimum production of 50 pieces / code.

• For services white label discount is possible for more than 4 products regardless of quantity and category. Minimum production of 150 pieces / code.


• The delivery of the products can be done either with a company Come courier or with the transport companies Distribution Group Linardakis and  Comvos the Transcombi Express and cooperation of the above companies for the best service for you, for all of Greece.

Our services regarding the transport of goods ensure the safe transport of goods as well as the flexibility offered by the following services:

  1. Distributed by car refrigerators with online temperature monitoring
  2. Collection also from recipient's credit/debit card.(Our vehicles have credit charge POS terminals)
  3. Afternoon deliveries (we undertake afternoon deliveries of the products for your best and immediate service
  4. Merchandise returns and special recall management.
  5. Goods Insurance (goods are transported insured depending on their risk and sensitivity)
  6. Our vehicles are temperature controlled and maintaining temperatures (2Co – 8Co / 15Co – 25Co) with absolute recording of temperatures inside the goods compartment and their monitoring by our company's business center throughout the entire period of transport. The car refrigerators have been certified and calibrated according to ISO/IEC 17025 (calibration validation) by competent bodies and as maintenance of the cold rooms.

If you wish to ship with your own transport company or courier, we inform you when the products will be ready for delivery and inform you the respective transport company or courier for collection from our headquarters, if there is a specific procedure that we must follow you inform us and if we are in agreement proceed to inform your transport company.

In any case, you are informed of the shipment of your product and of the shipping number of the respective transport company so that you can follow the progress of the shipment.

In the event that you wish to send at your own expense to another transport company or courier company, you must indicate to them the opening hours for collection from our premises and the exact details of our Company, as described below:

Parcel collection hours: Monday – Friday: 09.00-17.00.

Receipt details parcels: Anemoesa Cosmetics, 64 Trapezuntos, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, P.O. 55132, Tel. ext.: 2313-252040.

• The indicative delivery time is 1 day except for special situations which can be up to 3 days from the time your order is sent.

• For wholesale products worth up to 499 euros, the charge is 8.00 euros/ box (30*30*40cm) and must be paid in advance together with the order to a company bank account and sending the proof of deposit by e-mail to sales@anemoesa.com.

• For First Cosmetics Materials the charge is the recipient's retail or wholesale and it is 5.5 per kilo plus 1 euro for each additional kilo or volumetrically depending on the products.

Products travel at the customer's risk!

It may be sent to you, at e-mail that you have registered on our website,the Form customer satisfaction questionnaire which, if you wish, you can also fill in for us send.


• Return of products or their replacement is possible in the case of mistreatment during transport if and as long as the shipping company is the sender's or if and if a product does not meet the specifications such as, for example, material failure, bump, opened lid, bad label printing or barcode, missing barcode, past expiration date, general container defect, damaged product, etc., for all these cases a written request must be made to our company at sales@anemoesa.com  within three (3) days from the day of receipt of the product. If the fault lies with the laboratory, the respective product is returned to the laboratory at the laboratory's expense and the new product is likewise sent to you.

• Original proof of purchase (retail receipt or invoice) must be presented for return to be accepted.

trade policy

•Each wholesale partner, whether private label or white label, must be informed before each order of any price differences. The company reserves the right to change its prices and policy without prior notice.

•Each new partner must follow the following procedure:


After opening an account on our page, if there is no problem, the user code and username are sent to you so that you can access the platform you belong to and you can see the prices of our products and services and get directly time your bid.

If you select the option, special offer based on our workload, our sales department will consider whether you or your order fall into a category that may receive a personalized offer.



In order to protect the quality and prestige of cosmetics, as far as online sales are concerned, there are some basic principles that must be followed in order to protect the end consumer and the stable profit of the partners.

The basic principles of selling and keeping products if they are not observed, it means the immediate termination of cooperation with our company.

At the same time, the wholesale partner must pass on to the final consumer the additional discount received from the company for promotional or other purposes.
Products with a short expiration date have a special discount policy that improves the discount policy data after consultation with the company and informing the consumer public.
Must the storage conditions of the products are strictly observed and that partners and customers are informed about them. This also concerns the preservation of the product in the store and the transport of the products in the event of their shipment. Each barcode shows the expiration date of the product and its storage temperature range.


The minimum order quantities for each partner category below are for Wholesale: 6 pieces / code, for Private label: 50 pieces / code and for White label: 150 pieces / code.
In any case, we recommend that you contact our company for information and we remain at your disposal for any clarification.

The company reserves the right to change prices, policy and any other act without prior notification.