Anemoesa Lab

Who is Anemoesa Cosmetics Laboratory?

In 2019, the first cosmetics laboratory was created in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, with the main objective of research and development of herbal cosmetics.

Today the company now has dozens of products under its own brands on the Greek market as well as dozens of private or white label products.

The people who prefer us choose a 100% Greek company with all the necessary licenses from the Hellenic Medicines Organization (E.O.F.) and are looking for quality products, with herbal character, safe and with immediate effect.

Our innovative formulas and special partnerships combined with our vertical cosmetics research, development and marketing unit make us one of the best choices for both the retail customer and the professional today.

But why should someone choose Anemoesa Lab?

People want products instantly, friendly to the skin, in particularly beautiful packaging and at an affordable price for their quality.

Anemoesa managed to achieve all the goals in a short time and by browsing our page you will see our very careful packaging, many of which are airless, not only for a longer shelf life of the products but also to minimize the development of microbial load .

The exceptional quality is due to the carefully selected certified ingredients and active substances they contain, but also due to our specialized staff and partners who complete the research, development, production and packaging of the products.

Many of our cosmetics, especially facial care cosmetics, are also dermatologically tested with the best results a cosmetic product could have.

Our production laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, vacuum machines, homogenizers and mixers of the latest technology, designed by our experienced engineers and it is very important that the production factory of the machines is in Greece. Our company supports and wants to invest in Greek companies

Our partners at all levels are leaders in their field, starting from specialized chemists with equipment and expertise unique in Europe to the transport companies we work with with special vehicles for transporting products with a choice of temperature range for their maintenance.

Our company has developed in collaboration with two companies two artificial intelligence systems for a variety of tasks and innovative research.

The collaborators they choose Anemoesa Lab in addition to all of the above and for the following reasons that distinguish us from other laboratories in Greece.

  • Production capacity of 50 pieces.
  • Possibility of project completion from the design of the logo of a startup company or the improvement of the existing one, the development of social media up to the regulations for the circulation of a cosmetic in countries inside and outside the EU.
  • Possibility of access to first cosmetics materials that have not yet come to Greece, giving a competitive advantage to partners who want to stand out.


We want natural products, close to the Greek land, with rich properties and effects both on the face and the body.

Nature and the Greek land generously give us unique products, of high value and quality, as well as ingredients with valuable properties.

We come and modernize the recipes passed down over time from grandmother to daughter and granddaughter, with respect and experience, we marry them, combine them and try to make their result natural, without unnecessary preservatives and additives.