Massage Candle Wax from Olive with Chocolate 250ml



Olive massage candle with chocolate fragrance

Ingredients: Olive based candle with chocolate fragrance & mica color.

Weight: 250ml

8 uses for full body massage.

Key words:

  • Natural olive wax
  • Unique sensation when in contact with the skin
  • Excellent massage effect & deep hydration
  • Impressive chocolate fragrance
  • Unique product that stands out
  • No paraffin, no soy.. natural from olive!

CPNP: 3331755

Melt into pleasure with the massage wax…

Ideal for:

  • Massage
  • Deep hydration
  • Relaxation and aromatherapy

What makes it different:

It is 100% natural, olive based and notparaffin like most of the commercial ones.

Lovely chocolate fragrance that lasts.

Hydration up to 24 hours.

A unique experience of relaxation and well-being.

Direct absorption from the skin.

Use: Light the scented massage candle, based on olive and wait 1 minute until it melts and transforms into massage oil. The space will be filled with the wonderful aroma, taking off the senses. Then, we extinguish the candle and use the warm oil on the palm offering a relaxing massage.

The feeling of heat as the warm wax spreads over our skin, combined with the texture of the oil and the enchanting aroma of the hot chocolate, creates a unique atmosphere.

The melted wax is immediately absorbed by our skin providing hydration and relaxation but at the same time gives us time to do the massage.

Live the experience!

Suitable for all skin types.

For external use only.

Weight 0,331 kg
Dimensions 5,8 × 5,8 × 12,9 cm